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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Update: DC Supermarket Workers

Update from the Metro Washington DC Council AFL-CIO:

Area supermarket workers overwhelmingly approved a new 4-year contract Tuesday. Nearly 10,000 Safeway and Giant workers – members of UFCW Local 400 – turned out for the vote at the DC Armory on a contract proposal that maintained pension benefits and no co-pay on healthcare benefits, as well as guaranteeing that Safeway and Giant will cover any increases in healthcare costs. Pay raises over the life of the contract for those at the top of the wage scale - which includes 70% of the current workers - will total $2.82 an hour. The contract includes a new accelerated pay scale for new hires that frontloads increases to “help retain workers by getting them more money quicker,” explained Local 400 President Jimmy Lowthers. Workers hired after March 30, 2004 have the option to switch to the new pay scale. “What do you think?” one worker called to another as the crowd surged towards the exits after the vote. “I'm happy,” the other shouted back. - report by Chris Garlock

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