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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Hollywood to the Docks March
April 15th - 17th

Nearly 200 marchers from over 30 unions and dozens of community groups marched from Hollywood to the docks in San Pedro. Along the way they rallied for Good Jobs, Single Payer Healthcare, for union organizing drives, in support of unions negotiating this year for critical contracts, for immigrant rights, for economic justice, for unity and against racism, and for "taking back our country in the 2008 elections. Sponsored by the Los Angeles Federation of Labor the march included both AFL-CIO unions and Change to Win unions in a mighty show of unity. The march ended with a rally on the San Pedro docks of over 5000 trade unionist, peace and environmental activists and working families.

Farmworkers in the house!

Healthcare is a human right!

Maria Elena Durazo, LA Federation of Labor leader (center)
& LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (at podium)

Building trades in the house!

And Steelworkers too!


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