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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shirley Sherrod and the killing of hope and change

The broader tragedy of this incident is the extent to which the feelings of national pride and hope for the future that elected our country's first minority President have been corrupted by those who resist and fear change.

Sowing fear, distrust and anger is a simple matter. All that those who would sow those seeds need do is abandon their beliefs in honesty, principle and integrity and replace them with greed and hate.

This war against change, progress and hope began within moments after the election.

These agents of backwardness and destruction have found the seeds they plant, made up of words of fear and images of hate, find fertile ground in the nation's fields of social and economic crises these same agents created under the previous administration of Bush and Cheney.

They seek to exploit those shoots fear and anger they plant to destroy the momentum of the positive national self esteem that could be felt here and around the world when we, the people, voted our hearts, our commitment to progress and our belief in the humanity of America.

It would do us no harm to step back and remember the pride and hope we felt in ourselves and for our neighbors the morning after the election. Those moments before the haters, the profiteers, the power seekers began their war on the our journey down the road of change and hope.

The nature of the contempt those haters, profiteers and power seekers have for society drives them and gives them confidence of success. But their success will be our loss.

We must reject those who would create a society that lives in fear and feeds on hatred.

We need to remember that: Yes we can!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Love me, love me, I'm a Free Marketeer

Breaking News:

An oil producing corporation announced the oil spill in Gulf of Mexico
has become part of its ongoing commitment to support Green programs
that conserve energy.
The company's scientists and engineers have found the oil in the
water acts like a lubricant between the water and the hulls of
watercraft operating in the contaminated areas thus reducing drag
which saves fuel.
The company has applied for international patents for its discovery
and has announced its accountants are at this moment working
feverishly on rate schedules users of its discovery will be charged.
Also, it's legal department is seeking exclusive access rights to
all major shipping lanes in the world which it plans to contaminate
with this new energy-saving discovery.
In addition the company says it is petitioning the Nobel Committees
that it be awarded the Grand Slam of Nobel Prizes that include the
prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace and Economic
Soon after the announcement, Wall Street announced it is suspending
all trading as a result of a massive sell-off of unrelated shares to
raise money to buy shares in the oil company.
Meanwhile, a company executive said at a press conference he has
gotten his life back and it is better than ever and the lesson we
should all take away from this is to trust the free enterprise system
because the market place will always find a way to exploit any
disaster it creates.
"Life is good," he said, ending the press conference.