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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Model resolution in support of striking American Axle workers

Whereas, UAW workers have been forced out on strike at American Axle for the right to review company financial records in their current contract talks, and

Whereas, American Axle is demanding draconian cuts in wages and benefits at a time when they have increasing profits and the CEO is paid over $10 million a year, a 9.6% increase in his pay over last year, and

Whereas, in the current economic crisis American Axle workers are on the front line in defending basic economic standards, including wages, healthcare, work rules and more for all workers, and

Whereas, given the dog-eat-dog, pro big business atmosphere promoted by the Bush/McCain Republicans and the corporate rightwing, workers must rely on broad labor solidarity, therefore

Be it resolved, that ___________ stands in solidarity with the UAW and the American Axle workers in demanding that American Axle withdraw it’s outrageous concessionary demands and engage in constructive negotiations that will guarantee American Axle workers a fair share of rising productivity and profits, and further

Be it resolved that we call on all of labor to support and be prepared, as we are, to do all in our power to help win a fair contract for American Axle workers.

Send resolutions to:

Kenny Kapa, UAW Region 1

27800 George Merrelli Drive

Warren, MI 48092

and also send them to

UAW Local 235
Attn: Adrian King, President
2140 Holbrook Ave.
Hamtramck, MI 48212

phone: 313-871-1190

or email Bill Alford Jr., Vice President, Local 235,

Kenny Kapa, UAW Region 1 Servicing Representative, is in charge of collecting assistance for the American Axle strikers at locals 235 and 262; checks can be made out to Region 1 UAW and sent to address for Kenny Kapa above

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deweeze99 said...

Im a gm worker at the fort wayne indiana plant and it seems to me to beleive that we are getting axles from the arlington plant and they came from mexico...which is complete _s....they should call the company mexican axle and they should quit tryin to bust our union because it isnt going to work..america relies on industry and us americans cannot afforf to live off of 14 bucs an hour and raise a family...i dont care where you live...ive lived in florida,colorado,michigan, and indiana and you just simply cant sustain life of your siblngs on 14 bucs an hour....especially with big oil down our throats...3rd generation gm worker in solidarity standing up for human rights