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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Working mothers hit McCain on sex discrimination bill

Armed with 29,000 signatures on petitions, a group of working mothers from, went to John McCain’s Capitol Hill office June 17 and blasted him for his stand on the Lilly Ledbetter pay discrimination bill.

McCain had ducked the vote on a bill that would have lifted the time limit that women have to file suit against companies for pay discrimination. (The Supreme Court had ruled that women must sue within 180 days of their hire date even though many don’t discover they have been victimized until much later.)

McCain was not in his office. Aides accepted the petitions from the women, some of whom had babies in carriages.

Liz Hourican, one of the demonstrators, came from Phoenix which is in McCain’s home state. She joined the other women after having spent 18 months in Washington protesting her home senator’s support for the war in Iraq.

“I completely support their efforts. Through the years, McCain has voted wrong on anything that would help women to be treated more equally,” she declared.

From PWW Week in Labor

Read the Mom's Rising press release on their wonderful action at McCain's Washington Office. This is such an important movement that shows the incredible role of women workers in the labor movement and links the labor and women's movements.

Press release here.

Sign the Mom's Rising Petition for Fair Pay here.

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