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Thursday, March 20, 2008



FLOC supporters celebrate the renewal
of the historic labor contract with the NCGA,

covering some 7,000 agricultural "guest workers"
in the South.

In 2004, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee AFL-CIO and the North Carolina Growers Association signed historic labor contracts covering some 7,000 H2A "guest workers" and 800 growers in the South. This historic agreement provided important new rights and protections for "guest workers" coming to the U.S., including a grievance procedure which guarantees worker's voice at the work site.

In February, FLOC and the NCGA renewed this contract, which furthers the rights and protections of these workers. New features include provisions for workers to apply for jobs through the union based on their seniority and for the elimination of all recruitment fees to come and work in the U.S.. Other features include processes to facilitate faster resolution of grievances and greater cooperation in filing and processing worker compensation claims for on-the-job injuries. The NCGA and FLOC have also agreed to collaborate to bring more growers under the labor contract, to the benefit of both growers and workers.

These contacts between FLOC and the NCGA are historical in being a model transnational labor agreement.

Long-time FLOC supporters remember when the second set of farm labor contracts were signed in the Midwest. The renewal of a contractual relationship signaled a commitment by all sides to work together to guarantee worker rights and to increase productivity. FLOC looks forward to continuing relations with the NCGA and its growers in finding ways to benefit all sides in the production of agricultural products.

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