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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American Axle Update:

American Axle workers
stand strong

By John Rummel

Workers at American Axle in Detroit are doing their best to stand up to the wage and benefit cuts that have swept auto. From the snowy picket lines to the local hall across the street from the plant, the mood is upbeat. Going to the union hall last Friday we took a couple dozen donuts and copies of the PWW. From coffee, to donuts to cut wood for barrel fires (local police gave up trying to have the fires put out) strikers are appreciative of anything brought to them.

The local is a beehive of activity. Picketers do four hour shifts and have to cover almost a dozen gates. On the picket line they talk about how they’re fighting for a decent standard of living for all working people – and they are. Come on out, they will welcome your company and support.

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