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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Republicans Uncover More False Science In Schools

House Republicans have launched a website called America Speaking Out. They are inviting public input with the idea to build grassroots support and get some ideas about crafting a new agenda for the coming elections in November.

One of the first posts was a complaint from a parent about the continuing problem of false science being taught in our schools: a problem near and dear to the Republican mind.

"A 'teacher' told my child in class that dolphins were mammals and not fish!" the parent complained. "And the same thing about whales! We need TRADITIONAL VALUES in all areas of education. If it swims in the water, it is a FISH. Period! End of Story."

Rumor has it House Minority Leader John Boehner(Ohio) and House Whip Eric Cantor(Va) are planning to ask this parent to accept an appointment to a grassroots committee to oversee the efforts of the new website.

This is just the kind of "red-meat" stuff the Republicans thrive on. Can't wait to see Boehner and Cantor exposing this latest liberal corruption at the next Republican "save the nation" press conference.

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