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Friday, February 1, 2008

Send Messages of Solidarity

Solidarity with the Miners in Cananea

Support the striking mineworkers of Cananea and their union

Urgent message to Mr. Javier Lozano Alarcon, Labor Secretary of Mexico

We are profoundly concerned about the entry of police forces into the historic mine of Cananea, Sonora, Mexico, about the legal proceedings and threats against the members of the Executive Committee of the National Union of Metallurgical Mineworkers and Associates of the Mexican Republic (SNTMMSRM), as about the danger to the right of unionization.

We demand the following:

- Removal of the repressive forces in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico (Branch 65 of the mineworkers union).

- Recovery of the bodies of the 63 mineworkers who are still buried in the Pasta de Conchos mine.

- Immediate negotiations by the Mexico Company with the national leadership of the SNTMMSRM.

- Respect for trade union autonomy.

[Send to Mr. Javier Lozano Alarcon, Labor Secretary of Mexico: and a copy to

-- (reprinted from ILC International Newsletter No. 270 -- January 22, 2008)


We also received a message from David Bacon saying, "Support for the Mexican miners should be directed through Manny Armenta at the USWA office in Albuquerque. Manny goes to Cananea frequently, and can take whatever people want to send. His email is"

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