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Friday, January 18, 2008

Union Coalition, Amtrak Reach Agreement

Breaking news from IAM:

January 18, 2008 - A union coalition comprised of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), Transportation Communications Union (TCU), International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the Transport Workers Union (TWU) today tentatively agreed on new contract terms with Amtrak covering nearly 3,500 workers, including 500 IAM members.

“District 19 President Joe Duncan and General Chairman Mike Hill did journeymen’s jobs working with the coalition members to obtain this agreement,” said IAM General Vice President Robert Roach, Jr. “The IAM thanks all our friends in Congress who supported us during this most difficult time in labor’s history at Amtrak.”

The tentative agreement’s terms closely follow recommendations of a Presidential Emergency Board created by President George W. Bush to investigate the more than eight year long contract dispute. Provisions include wage increases that average 35.2 percent over the life of the January 1, 2000 – December 31, 2009 agreement, or 3.1 percent compounded per year. Retroactive pay varies, but averages $12,800 which will be paid in two installments.

“Amtrak wanted a regressive agreement that gutted our work language and dramatically eroded job security,” said District 19 President Joe Duncan. “We retained all the work rules that Amtrak demanded be changed and secured retroactive wage increases for our members. All coalition unions recommend ratification of the agreement.”

The tentative agreement is subject to membership ratification. Each union will hold separate and independent membership ratification votes.

More information about the Machinists Union at Amtrak is available at

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